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New Mexico is a leader in rapid response to virus at workplaces

If somebody at your workplace gets infected with COVID-19, you’re going to get some help from the state, probably pretty quickly. The initial contact is the state’s Occupational Health and Safety Bureau, commonly called OSHA after its national counterpart. New … Continue reading

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Finally, easing on visits to loved ones in retirement homes

My friend’s husband, who has dementia, has been in a memory care facility for several months. She’s been writing a blog, anonymously, for a couple of years (“The Remembery Chronicles”), so I’ve been observing the experience at close range. It’s … Continue reading

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Becoming hotter makes it drier

New Mexico is three degrees hotter than it was half a century ago. That is established fact. It’s probably going to continue to get warmer and drier, but that is prediction based on probability and could change. Three degrees doesn’t … Continue reading

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COVID-19 and workers’ compensation

A hidden cost of the coronavirus, one that has escaped public attention so far, is workers’ compensation for sick workers. If coronavirus is contracted in the workplace, the worker can file an occupational disease claim under the workers’ compensation law. … Continue reading

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