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Veto of hemp bill was a lost opportunity

I’m a natural fiber kind of person. Whenever I can, I prefer to purchase and wear clothing that is 100 percent cotton. I have learned recently about the pollution involved in the growing of my favorite fiber. Conventional cotton is … Continue reading

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How should NM generate power?

What does New Mexico want from an electric power company? The debate over PNM’s proposed long-term plan is raising questions that go beyond the plan itself, if New Mexicans are willing to engage in that discussion. Though most of the … Continue reading

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Still no dental therapy for rural New Mexico

How are legislators supposed to decide on the relative competencies of health care practitioners? In these matters, we are asking lawmakers to make a tough decision on topics outside their expertise. In some cases, it’s not the public that’s asking … Continue reading

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Combining subjects in one bill is bad lawmaking

I checked my New Mexico constitution the other day, and the provision is right there where I left it: Article IV, Section 16,  “Subject of bill in title; appropriation bills.” “The subject of every bill shall be clearly expressed in … Continue reading

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