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Workers’ comp news is good, sort of

From an economic development perspective, the news on workers’ compensation is pretty good. But workers’ compensation is never quite that simple. The National Council on Compensation Insurance, NCCI, presented its annual smorgasbord of statistics recently to a group of workers’ … Continue reading

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Too much money in political campaigns

When the Dianna Duran scandal made the headlines, I asked a different question. What was she doing with all that money in the first place, I asked? How does the Secretary of State’s race generate hundreds of thousands of dollars … Continue reading

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Take a refresher for safer driving

If you are 55 or older, you can save some money on your auto insurance by taking a driver safety class. New Mexico law (paragraph 59A-32-14 in the Insurance Code) provides that insurers must give you a discount if you … Continue reading

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When education works for the students

A small private school sent a letter to parents of children in second grade, describing the evaluation the children were about to undergo. The school, in another state, is based on the Waldorf school model. The director of the school … Continue reading

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