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Right to work puts rights in jeopardy

In the back of the restaurant, out of sight of the patrons, an employee is trying to avoid sneezing on your dinner. He shouldn’t be there. He should be home in bed, but he can’t afford to stay home because … Continue reading

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A creative solution for low-income schools

Let’s humiliate the schools a little more, says the Public Education Department. That’s a great way to motivate and encourage students. While this is going on, there’s news of a bright spot. The humiliation: PED has released the “grades” of … Continue reading

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Fixing food insecurity might take more than food

High school kids come around dropping leaflets at my door asking me to donate a bag full of food. This time of year, there are food drives everywhere. Sometimes I give, sometimes I don’t. It makes more sense to give … Continue reading

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