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I have to inspect WHAT?

An insurance agent called me to ask about a letter one of her business clients had received from my former employer, the Workers’ Compensation Administration. The client was upset and confused. The letter was about safety inspections. I recognized the … Continue reading

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Don’t trust any politician with too much power

We New Mexicans don’t trust our politicians. That is built in to our history and the structure of our government. Some years ago I started wondering why we elect not just a governor but several independent statewide officials: attorney general, … Continue reading

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When we’re broke, what should we cut?

New Mexico Secretary of Agriculture Jeff Witte, on a TV interview show recently, mentioned the state’s veterinary diagnostic laboratory. He was particularly proud that it is located adjacent to important facilities of the state Department of Health so that there … Continue reading

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For the inconvenient elderly: let them die

The way to save Medicare, some TV pundit said recently, is to cut Medicaid. Lots of people will die before they reach Medicare age. It was said only about half in jest. If low-income people can’t afford health care, some … Continue reading

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