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The cultural challenge of gender identity

The kid was obviously talented.  He was athletic and graceful.  He could sing, dance, memorize lines, and occasionally did a cartwheel across the room for fun. We were in an amateur show produced by a local community organization.  Most cast … Continue reading

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Save bees: read pesticide labels

One day last summer I found a dead bee in my driveway.  A few weeks later I found another one.     Since this had not happened before, I wondered whether I was inadvertently responsible. It might have been the fertilizer-pesticide … Continue reading

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Turning the presidential campaign into a pie-throwing contest

Gary Johnson is saying something worth listening to. It’s about the conduct of the presidential election. New Mexico’s former governor is running for president again as the candidate of the Libertarian Party. He probably will be the only third-party candidate … Continue reading

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