Welcome to Triple Spaced Again

It’s 2021, and Triple Spaced Again has been living through the pandemic alongside the rest of us.  The column is now more than nine years old.  There’s a bit of a legacy here!  Every column written is posted.

Our latest writing awards

Triple Spaced Again was most recently recognized for excellence by the New Mexico Press Women last year.  In 2020, we won first place for Personal Opinion Columns and Personal Blog.

The new section called Governance — added September 2018

A friend was planning to run for the state Senate in 2020.

He said he’d like to read the columns I have written on issues directly relevant to New Mexico state and local government, especially about management and administration.

So I have developed an easy way for anyone interested to read the columns that are relevant to long-standing issues of public policy.  I have created a new subcategory called  Governance.

If you click on the word Governance in the menu bar, you will find those columns, starting with the most recent.

I invite you to look through these columns and feel free to pass on the link to anyone interested in New Mexico public policy – especially anyone who is in or running for public office.  Thanks!

The column and your comments

I am Merilee Dannemann and this is the website where I post my newspaper columns and other current articles. The newspaper column, Triple Spaced Again, is published in several newspapers around New Mexico.

Your comments are welcome!  However, there is a delay in posting the columns online.  To give our newspapers primacy in publishing the columns, we wait two weeks before posting them here.

If you would like to comment on a column you read in the newspaper, and it’s not posted yet, please send your comment to this homepage.  When the column is posted we will move your comment to the right place.  Thank you!

About Triple Spaced Again ….

Merilee Dannemann is a contributing columnist with the New Mexico News Services syndicate, writing for community newspapers throughout New Mexico.  As a champion of small business and local focus, she is proud to be a print journalist once again, writing for locally owned newspapers.

Merilee was a reporter and columnist with the Taos News more than 30 years ago.  With other miscellaneous adventures between, she spent most of the intervening decades working for the State of New Mexico Workers’ Compensation Administration as a public policy specialist, speaker and educator.

Merilee also writes in miscellaneous other places and for various causes and interests, including small business and workers’ compensation.  She trains her attention on issues that are not in the limelight and that most other writers are not writing about, such as the effects of regulations on small business because — well, somebody needs to be paying attention!

So here it is: Triple Spaced Again.  Please get yourself a fresh cup of coffee, come hang out with Merilee, and do send your comments.

The workers’ comp section is where you’ll find articles about the New Mexico workers’ comp system.  Workers’ comp affects almost everybody, and it is one of the most complicated areas of our legal system, but it is usually outside the limelight of public attention.  It’s a hidden cost of doing business, affects business opportunity and job growth, and dictates what happens when people get injured at work, so it is worth watching.

You can still purchase a copy of Merilee’s very old book, Taos by the Tail, selections from the original Triple Spaced, direct from the publisher (Merilee) from the last remaining original box, with original Taos News cartoons by the inimitable Chuck Asay.   Here on the site, read a column from the counterculture days of the 1970s, and see one of Chuck’s great cartoons.

The story of Triple Spaced Again

Many years ago, my very popular column in the Taos News was called Triple Spaced.  This name was based in part on the way we wrote all our copy in those days:  on IBM Selectric typewriters that were set to very wide spacing so that we could edit our work by inserting changes between the lines.  I still think of Triple Spaced as my brand.

I was going to call this website just plain Triple Spaced.  But when the site first went live, I discovered that if you type one letter wrong, you are taken to a website so offensive I will not describe it.  Hence the longer name!

Thank you.  Enjoy.

24 Responses to Welcome to Triple Spaced Again

  1. LoARSqred says:

    Hey Merilee! Congratulations and well done! I look forward to many interesting articles and conversations.

  2. sunny Weiner says:

    good luck mer

  3. Mary Alice Dickenson says:

    Good work on the blog! Great to visit with you in Angel Fire!

  4. carole osman says:

    Merilee is back in town!!!

    I am happy to see that you are back in the saddle. It was wonderful reading in the Taos News and I look forward to reading more from your point of view.

  5. ELEANOR KELLY says:

    Won’t this private health insurance become unnecessary if the Obama care passes and continues? Maybe even single payer will happen. Maybe by next year only persons who need private supplemental health insurance will be admitted high risk behaviors, i.e.
    smokers and skydivers, bungie jumpers and extreme glacier skiers, obesity, etc.
    E. Kelly

  6. Howard Bradley says:

    Thank you for your balanced approach in “Rethinking humane treatment of horses”. I’ve written our governor and others who have taken the opposite, extreme anti-slaughterhouse opinion and asked them to be more open-minded and allow the slaughterhouse, so horse owners and the BLM will have more options for dealing with unwanted and overpopulated horses. You many have already read Ted Williams article in Audubon on the costs and problems associated with feral horses in America. If not, please do. Unfortunately, the discussion has been waylaid by the “horse mafia” and hysteria prevails over reason. Living in Bloomfield, close to the “wild” horse santuary in the Carson NF, I have no doubt some horse owners have released their unwanted horses there to exacerbate the burden and co-mingle with the Jicarilla horses that have wandered over from the rez.
    Jane Goodall has stated there are no wild horses in America. Horses are beautiful animals when well cared for and where they belong, which is not loose on public ground! I wish more of our political rule makers were more open to a reasoned horse discussion as you are. And I hope your article stimulates this by opening their minds and eyes to America’s horse conundrum.
    Thank you.
    Howard Bradley
    member Audubon, Nature Conservancy, Nat’l Wildlife Fed, Albq Wildlife Fed, NM Wildlife Fed, DU, Delta Waterfowl, NWTF, PF and others.

  7. Reed Weimer says:

    Best wishes!

  8. Judy Miller says:

    Thank you Merilee Dannemann! I read your article today in the Farmington Daily Times titled “Would You Post Your Salary On Faceboo?” Umm NO! When this all first came about, I responded to the mayor of Farmington with my thoughts and thought that the issue had been settled, then lo and behold there they were on the Rio Grande website. I have family members who work for the city. One is a very skilled position and the other having their information out their compromised them and their family. I was furious and had many people tell me they agreed. I had several comments on the Rio Grande website to which I sent a email. One person told me to stop looking at the glass half full. I wrote what I thought of that remark, but delelted it before I sent it. I asked how they would feel, now that the information was out there and it cost someone in a certain occupation their life or a member of their family was compromised because of it and injuried or killed because of being “outed?” No repsonse from Paul Guessing at all. I asked them to remove me from their email list as I wished to have nothing more to do with them if that was the kind of things they thought the world should know. One person I know was told that their name could not be posted, but their salary and rank could be, but it all went out there. So I thank you for saying what I have said since day one. A government employees name should not be listed and no other personal information added. If that info needs to be out their for whom ever is looking for it, most cities have a public information office, go look. Most bad guys won’t, but they can find it on the web. Sure hope none of my family or friends who are posted out there are ever affected by this. So glad my husband had all ready retired before it came out!

  9. Judy F says:

    Great editorial in the Ruidoso News re workman’s comp and alternative meds!!! Thank you for sharing that info; it’s past overdue and thankfully finally coming into being more and more!!!!

  10. Bernie M says:

    Submitted 3/4/13 in response to Guns column

    As conscience sinks, violence rises.
    Hi. I read your column with great interest in the local Trinidad paper. I’m
    a former Trinidad resident who can remember with great pleasure growing up
    in a mountain community. When I was a boy, we could buy firecrackers and
    fireworks at the local stores. We would sometimes use them to fight with
    each other. We’d light them with a cigarette.
    No eyes were put out, no fingers were blown off.
    Somehow, both of those items have been outlawed, yet GUNS, seem to be more
    prevalent every day. Please write how many of the rights we used to have
    now are replaced with having a gun. I had access to guns at every level
    growing up, but we only thought necessary when we went into the mountains.
    Now, you cannot enter a sports event with a covered soft drink with a

  11. Ms Dannemann
    Interesting editorial this morning in RDR re children in need of intervention. We’re on the road traveling and I don’t feel I have time to compose a rebuttal. Please let me say that as much as those little children you mentioned – and who knows how many others just like them – desperately need intervention, the government, state or federal, is the last thing they need. Why not give a faith-based organization or other non-profit the opportunity to reach into the lives of those families, helping not only the child but all involved. Maybe the adults aren’t doing their job because they also grew up deprived of love and attention. Government is not the answer to everything.

    • Dorothy Danfelser says:

      This post is dated June 6, 2013……and is appropriate for the current situation with immigrant/refugee children being dumped in Texas and Arizona….and likely New Mexico!

  12. Sara Whitaker says:

    Hi Mrs. Dannemann,

    Just wanted to say that the article that was published in todays Roswell Daily Record (Aug, 29th), in reference to the horse slaughter debate, well said…

    Thank you!

  13. Dan Gage says:

    Your piece “a better idea than slaughtering horses?” in the Roswell Daily Record
    on Aug 29 2013 hit home with me.
    I made similar points in a recent letter to the editor of the RDR and would like
    to send you a copy via postal mail or email. Am I out of order asking for a mailing
    address? If so I’ll paste it into this venue. Thanks

  14. Leora says:

    Congrats on your awards !!!

    Triple Spaced Again, has just won two national awards from the National Federation of Press Women: second place column and first place blog.

  15. Jessica Bryant says:

    Lost opportunities in hemp production
    Liked your article. Totally agree with you. The reason for the veto was ridiculous & weak. Especially liked your nail in the coffin….where is Gary Johnson when we need him…….

    Enjoy your day

  16. Kelvin Graves says:

    Firearms restrictions
    Most of you obviously have not been to a Gun Show but I have.
    When it comes to licensed dealers they do background checks.
    When it comes to private owners I will be honest I don’t know.
    Another thing is if terrorist and criminals if they do want firearms everyone know there are a lot of ileagal firearms available if your money is right.

  17. I have gotten resolutions supporting 2 person crews on trains from Valencia County, Cibola County do far. Monday City of Albuquerque, Grants, and Belen. I have not left out the Pueblo Isleta, Sandia, and Santa Ana still working on. Please contact me at my email address I have additional information and will provide you with my phone number. I represent SMART-TD as their State Legislative Director….I could use your help.

  18. Stephanie Holland says:

    Re: Do we believe in free and fair elections?
    Dear Ms. Dannemann,
    Thank you for your commentary in the Hobbs NewsSun today. I agree with you 100% and wish we could persuade everyone that voting should be EQUALLY available to EVERY citizen. Making voting more difficult for some than for others should be seen for what it is–unAmerican.

  19. Marian F Bock says:

    Dear Ms. Danneman,

    This is a belated THANK YOU for your article in the Link, “Churches Sacrifice to Offer Sanctuary.” You must have attended one of the Sanctuary forums at the Center for Spiritual Living or St. Michael’s. You got everything right — the personal and the political. We (Justin and I) weren’t expecting anything in the Link and we are very happy about it.

    Marian Bock
    Albuquerque Quakers

  20. BA says:

    Hi Marilee

    A friend sent me your commentary about the Jemez Thunder’s closure in March of this year. Robert Borden retired, and has moved to Denver. I often wrote for the Thunder and when it closed I decided to take up the torch. I named the new paper Jemez Valley Alley published alongside Robert in Jan and Feb, got shut down by covid Mar Apr and May, but when things began to open again, restarted the paper in June. I very much liked your commentary, thanks for letting the public know how important small town newspapers are. The Alley focuses locally, with village meetings and local problems the focus, news and humor with classifieds and my newspaper is in color! It has been well received, and is growing steadily. I have chosen to remain luddite at this time, shunning national politics and the internet and social media generally. But if you would like to check up on us, the email is. thejva@outlook.com. Thank you and God bless! BA

  21. jose villanueva says:

    on expanding gambling …………….casinos are feeling the political advantage with the nomination of haaland……………….!

  22. DONALD DECKER says:

    I read your column about windows in school houses in the Roswell Daily Record and just had to relate my story. I attended a small one-room grade school in rural NE Washington State in the late 1930’s. It was built in the late 1800’s with windows on both sides. The West windows faced a small forest and the East windows faced a dirt road. When the local farmers started to get automobiles, cars started using the road. Of course the kids ran to the windows to see the cars. Solution: Board up the East windows to stop this disruption. You can guess how early in the 1900’s when that was done.

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