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Obstacles to state restructuring may be set in concrete

In the old days, a friend reminisced long ago, we had to move after every election. State office buildings were rented, she explained. After the election the new governor could reward political supporters with leases. Mediocre facilities, scattered all over … Continue reading

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What shall we do with a drunken worker?

This was submitted to the Albuquerque Journal in response to a Journal news story and published in January 2011. The Journal’s latest report of an apparently outrageous workers’ compensation case touches on a genuine controversy in workers’ compensation (“Drunken Worker … Continue reading

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Size matters in government, too

The New Mexico Economic Development Department employs fewer than 100 people and has a pretty simple business model: it promotes economic development. The New Mexico Health Department employs well over 3,000 people. It operates eight residential medical facilities, including hospitals … Continue reading

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